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What is Whip?

Bermuda's first e-scooter ride share service, and the island's newest form of fun, convenient and affordable eco-transport!


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1. Download the Whip app to your phone:

2. Use the locator map to find the nearest Whip scooter in your area

3. Scan the QR code on your Whip or enter the Whip # to unlock the scooter
4. To End, park anywhere you want to go on the island & swipe to end your ride

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Price Guide

$3 to unlock/rent & start a ride
(must be 16+ to use)

Scan the QR code on a Whip for the $3 unlock fee and swipe to start a ride. You're good to go. A full battery can get you across the whole length of Bermuda. Use a Whip for your daily commute or just for getting around and having fun!

.75 cents a minute to ride (1st ride of 2 minutes is free*)
Enjoy your Whip for .75 cents a minute. When finished swipe to end your ride. You don't have to end the ride where you picked it up and you can leave the Whip anywhere islandwide. Park neatly to the side out of the way and lock your Whip properly with the helmet attached.

.25 cents a minute hold time

If you'd like to hold onto your Whip when not in direct use mid-ride to run into a store quickly etc., you can hold it for .25 cents per minute. Now that's convenient!

.15 cents reserve time
If you'd like to reserve a Whip before you get to it or if you need to do something first/go to the beach etc. it's only .15 cents per minute and you have guaranteed transport.

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Whip, Whip Rideshare Ltd., Grab A Whip, and all it's branding, visuals & IP are products wholly owned by Hot Fiyah Entertainment Ltd. a Bermuda company.
**First Ride Free is for 2 minutes. User receives a free $1 ride credit upon registration which will cover the first free 2 minute ride after they pay the initial $3 unlock fee. Should the first ride be longer than 2 minutes then the $1.50 credit will be taken off the total for the first ride. All billing is done in $USD. To stop being billed and end any ride the user must return the Whip to a Whip parking zone.

Please wear helmets at all times, ride and park responsibly and stay to the left. Park to the side neatly somewhere that does not obstruct driveways/entranceways. In Hamilton please park in bike bays. Re-attach helmet cable when you begin your ride to avoid cable being loose after it auto opens at start of each ride, and press helmet button in app to release it to re-attach helmet. Do not ride on sidewalks.
Ride at your own risk. Account holder assumes all liability by using our service. Users must be 16+. Anyone breaking any of our rules of use in our Terms of Use Agreement will result in account blockage. For further information please download and register via our Whip Rideshare App and read and Accept our Terms of Use Agreement in order to use our services.  Happy riding and please ride responsibly.
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